Unhandy UX in hardware

Here is a small post about my impressions of UX in some hardware products. I can see that there is a perplexing trend among companies to minimize costs at the expense of user experience, particularly in the design of indicators, buttons, and switches.

Example 1 (most-known, I think): Apple AirPods (2nd and 3rd generations). Its case has only one indicator that can highlight orange or green. It highlights green when the charge is high and orange when it's low. What's the problem? My intention: I want to know if I should charge my case, or if there is still enough charge. And in my personal example, 70% is usually enough. Or sometimes, if I am going to travel 90% might be required. But I can't know the exact % of the charge my Airpods have, so I should open settings on my MacBook and look for the Airpods in the Bluetooth devices menu... It's too slow and frustrating. Plugging the charging cable in every time is also not a solution. There is only one indicator and it highlights orange even at 80-90%. Solution? I want to see not only one indicator but 3-4 (levels), just the same as on power banks. It would allow me to know the exact charge just by one look at the case itself for 1 second.

Example 2: Alilo Toy.
Another example is the Alilo educational toy designed to entertain and educate babies through songs, sounds, and color recognition. Sounds cool, yes? But there is a UX problem, the toy has only ONE button and volume switch. The user must switch modes by long-pressing this button and switch the song inside of one mode by short-pressing. And almost in all cases I can't understand if it's currently pressed enough to switch the mode to the next one. Should I hold the press for three seconds or five? A completely uninformative interface. A simple fix would be adding an additional button dedicated to mode selection and, ideally, a small display to indicate the current mode or setting.

As I see the current hardware trend is: "to have only one button to rule them all (functions)", but I hope that this trend will change and future hardware products will be more convenient for the users.