Backend Developer with over 6 years of experience, specializing in Go for the past 3 years.

  • Languages & Tools: Go, C# (.NET).
  • Gamedev Expertise: Proficient with Unity.
  • Leadership: Some experience in team leadership and mentoring.
  • Ongoing Learning: Actively enhancing skills in AWS, Kubernetes, and DevOps stuff.
  • Personal Initiatives: Passionate about creating my own small projects. Interested in education sphere.
  • Education: Engineering and project management.
  • Work Preference: Prefer remote roles, with plans to relocate in the future.


  1. Senior Software Developer | Golang - IntellectoKids [January 2023 - at present]
    Developing new features and supporting backend of learning projects.
    Actively using AWS services.
  2. Senior Software Developer | Golang - TalentTech [December 2021 - December 2022]
    Developed an integration between TT.Adaptation and
    Initiated work of rewriting legacy code to the V2 version.
  3. Senior Software Developer | Golang - Halyk Bank [August 2019 - December 2021]
    Designed architecture and developed United Non Credit BPM process.
    Developed integration with National Pension Fund (ENPF) allowing withdrawal from the fund for housing purposes of clients.
    Initiated a learning project between bank and IITU university (created application questions, lectures and practical tasks for initial version of course, read lectures, checked homeworks).
  4. Backend Developer | C# - Samgau [April 2019 - July 2019]
    Solved a few important bugs in AlmatyKSK web application.
    Developed Telegram bots for integration with Almaty-KSK and for President elections.
  5. Software developer/Teamlead | Unity, Python - SoftLink [May 2018 - March 2019]
    Developed a set of VR applications for EXPO-2018.
    Developed mobile AR applications: Bank CenterCredit AR, Uchet.KZ, and KazPost VR application with the ability to make calls via WebRTC.
    Had been promoted to TeamLead position (3 people team).
  6. Software developer | Unity, Java - GameStudio316 [December 2016 - April 2018]
    Developed full client side of the multiplayer card game Azi World Club.
    Migrated the server side from PHP (Yii) to Java (Netty), was actively engaged in support.
    Released several mobile games to Google Play, App Store.
  7. Software developer | Unity, Unreal Engine - Singularity Lab [October 2015 - December 2016, part-time]
    Developed two modules for interactive VR museum, including client side and dynamic library loading.
    Developed game logic of the "Machine Learning Episode One" VR game and published it in Steam.
    Created flying and viewing parts of the "JetX" VR game.


  1. Master in Computer Science - International Information Technologies University (Almaty, Kazakhstan), 2020-2022.
  2. Master in Project Management - International Information Technologies University (Almaty, Kazakhstan), 2018-2020.
  3. Bachelor in Space Engineering - Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications.